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Gay Activist Walks Across USA For Equality

By Charlotte Robinson, May 30, 2012
It's taken over a year for Gay Activist Richard Noble to walk across 10 states & over 2700 miles in pursuit of LGBT equality. He will arrive in Jacksonville, Florida on June 9th to a hero’s welcome for completing a historic “Civil Rights Walk Across America” carrying the Rainbow Flag & a bill seeking full federal equality for LGBT Americans – The American Equality Bill. Eleven Mayors & 3 City Councils from a diverse array of cities, including Salt Lake City, Birmingham, Biloxi, Baton Rouge, Mobile, Austin, Houston, Oakland, Boulder, West Hollywood, Tallahassee & New Orleans issued official Proclamations in support of the Walk & demand that Congress add “sexual orientation & gender identity” to the 1964 Civil Rights Act & related laws, as a matter of urgent public health & welfare. At the finish line in Jacksonville, where the City Council will soon vote on a local civil rights ordinance, the Rainbow House GLBT Community Center & River City News Magazine will host a welcoming event starting at 1P at the Rainbow House, 2857 Myra Street. “I was overwhelmed by the rash of suicides & so I walked,” said Richard Noble, who put his life in storage & started out from San Francisco last March, 2011. “I carried the Rainbow Flag through the desert & across the Rockies, to Matthew Shepard’s fence & Wounded Knee, to gay groups & elected officials, all to help light a fire for full equality & to talk about the insidious psychological and physical harm LGBT Americans suffer from discrimination.” Updates to Come...:)

New Exclusive Audio Interview with Orlando Del Valle who serves on the Board of Directors of The History Project. Del Valle’s photos are part of a significant art exhibit “Pride: 40 Years of Protest & Celebration” that The History Project is presenting in collaboration with the Boston Center for Adult Education & runs through June 30th at the BCAE more @ OUTTAKE VOICES™
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