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Obama & New Gallup Poll Supports Equality

By Charlotte Robinson, May 14, 2012
Newsweek thinks that they can sell more magazines by putting Obama on the cover with a rainbow halo & calling him the “first gay president.” The New Yorker cover is also getting into the rainbow theme by showing multi-hued White House columns & calling their cover "Spectrum of Light". Both magazines hit newsstands today. Why Newsweek is calling Obama the first gay president is a bit puzzling since he’s not gay but just standing on the right side of history on marriage equality. We also start the week with a new Gallup Poll that shows 54% of Americans consider homosexuality “morally acceptable,” with 50 % supporting legalizing gay marriage. It’s interesting timing since the poll also shows the gender gap with a solid majority of 56 % of women back marriage equality compared to only 42% of men. Of course the only region of the country where gay marriage doesn’t win majority support is the South. There’s 56 % support in the East, 53 % support in the Midwest & 55 % support in the West. The South comes in with 40 %. So this election year continues to be beyond interesting to see how this will play out. Rep. Barney Frank (D) of Massachusetts said on ABC's “This Week” on Sunday, "If you were going to cast your vote based on a candidate's position regarding same-gender marriage, you were already going to vote for Obama [or] Romney based on that. I literally don't think anybody's vote was changed by this one way or the other." Updates to Come…:)
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