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New Wells Fargo LGBT Retirement Study

By Charlotte Robinson, May 31, 2012
A new Wells Fargo study has found that our LGBT community is more confident about planning for retirement then the heterosexual community. All investors are faced with the complex challenges when it comes to retirement, including: how to save enough to feel comfortable, where to invest retirement savings, understanding & creating retirement income options & when & where to retire. LGBT investors face these same challenges as well as several unique ones, including those stemming from a lack of federal marriage & inheritance rights. In a recent nationwide Wells Fargo retirement survey, LGBT non-retirees reported a higher level of confidence in their retirement savings, compared to the general population. In the survey, 61% of LGBT non-retirees felt confident they would have enough saved by the time they retire to live the lifestyle they want throughout their retirement, significantly higher than 53% cited by the general population. Despite this confidence, over a third (36%) of LGBT non-retirees expect they will need to work during retirement in order to afford their lifestyle only slightly lower than the 41% of the general population. Of course more than half (54%) of all LGBT respondents cite being recognized as equal citizens by society & the law as the most important reason for legalizing gay marriage. One in five (19%) say that having legal rights & medical decision-making on behalf of one’s partner is most important. Only 7% said legalizing gay marriage was not important to them. Updates to Come...:)

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