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Gay Activist Mom Stands with Brad Pitt

By Charlotte Robinson, July 07, 2012
GetEQUAL Director, Robin McGehee was not happy to hear that Jane Pitt, Brad Pitt’s mom had published a letter in a Missouri newspaper condemning our LGBT community. This is what Jane Pitt said, “Any Christian who does not vote or writes in a name is casting a vote for Romney’s opponent, Barack Hussein Obama — a man who sat in Jeremiah Wright’s church for years, did not hold a public ceremony to mark the National Day of Prayer, and is a liberal who supports the killing of unborn babies and same sex marriage.” We at OUTTAKE VOICES™ would rather she used gay marriage or same gender couples but we heard her homophobic rant loud & clear. Robin McGehee responded, “I don't have to tell you that rhetoric like Mrs. Pitt's is what gives license to schoolyard bullies, anti-LGBT legislators & even violent gunslingers. And I don't have to tell you that letting this kind of hateful & inflammatory language go unchecked is part of what contributes to people feeling as though our lives are disposable. As a mother of 2 children 9 years old & 6 years old -- I couldn’t help but see Mrs. Pitt's letter as a direct attack against my family & the LGBT community at large. Brad Pitt has been an active supporter of marriage equality & of our community. We were incredibly surprised & disappointed that his own mother would use her public notoriety to support hateful, religion-based bigotry against LGBT people & LGBT families. We need your help in making sure that our voices counter the harm Mrs. Pitt has done to our community.” Help GetEQUAL buy a full-page ad in the Springfield News-Leader, where Jane Pitt’s letter appeared to show Missouri to stop the hate.
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GHOST,the common said...

Now...just to make sure that those who read this clearly understand; I am not gay...but sexuality is not the issue....the issue at hand is FREEDOM ! The concepts of Equality preclude prohibitions to personal choice. There is either Freedom or Oppression, you cannot have both. Historically....the oppressed peoples of this earth are labeled and ridiculed as a way to justify the abuse they must suffer, ie. stupid niggers, sick faggots, dirty Jews and the list goes on and on. To call yourself a Christian, then go out of your way to ridicule others....shows the world that you have no understanding of the religion that you profess. Especially those people who would use government to force their religious beliefs upon others....you are no better than the Taliban or any other type totalitarianism.

Russell Langley said...

I am going to make a donation- but I think what would be most powerful is if Brad Pitt donated the funds for this ad as a way to reach out to LGBT in support and send a clear message to his hateful mother.

Russell Langley

Charlotte Robinson said...

I agreed with you completely. :)

Anonymous said...

I think in some situations a persons kid can divorce their parent(s)

Brad should give her the heave ho into the poo pile.

she reminds me of the catholic kid whose mother told him to kill himself so she wouldnt have to shoot him

after he came out to her.

the divorce based on UNFIT paRENTS

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