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Jobriath AD The First Gay Rock Star (Audio)

By Charlotte Robinson, July 30, 2012

Out of all the films we have reviewed this LGBT film festival season our favorite was JOBRIATH AD a gripping documentary directed by Kieran Turner. JOBRIATH AD is about the first openly gay rock star that arrived on the glam-rock scene in the 1970’s. This mesmerizing documentary spotlights his life, music & groundbreaking influence on the music industry. Jobriath stated at the time, “I am the true fairy of rock.” His brief but fascinating career as an openly gay performer, sometimes called ‘the American Bowie’ is uncovered by this enthralling documentary. Adored by MORRISSEY & THE PET SHOP BOYS this is a celebration of a singer-songwriter whose legacy will now be rediscovered. This is the true story about a multi-talented performer who was 30 years ahead of his time & who unfortunately didn’t live long enough to see the contribution he made to the music industry & our LGBT community. Promoted as the “The American Bowie,” “The True Fairy of Rock & Roll,” Jobriath’s reign was brief lasting less than 2 years & 2 albums. He signed on to scheming manager, Jerry Brandt’s over-hyped publicity machine, was shunned by the gay community in the 70's & dismissed by most critics as all flash, no substance. Jobriath was eventually excommunicated from the music business & retreated to the Chelsea Hotel, where he died forgotten in 1983 at the age of 37, one of the earliest casualties of AIDS. However, in the years since his death, new generations of fans have discovered his music through acts as diverse as, THE PET SHOP BOYS, GARY NUMAN, JOE ELLIOT of DEF LEPPARD, & MORRISSEY, all of whom have cited Jobriath as an influence.
You can catch the film Tuesday July 31st in Austin, Texas at the Ritz on S Lamar at 10:45P with a Q & A following the film with the director.
Listen to exclusive audio interview with director Kieran Turner:

For More Info: jobriaththemovie.com

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