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Gay Marriage Is An American Value

By Charlotte Robinson, September 03, 2012
We all know how anti gay & homophobic the GOP Romney Ryan presidential ticket is. The question the Democrats need to ask them is why are they so threatened by LGBT equality? Since 2001 eleven countries have passed gay marriage including Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, South Africa & Sweden with the United Kingdom providing civil unions that grant all the federal rights & protections of marriage. These countries continue to grow & prosper without any repercussions. In this country we have Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Iowa, Vermont, New York, Washington DC, & Coquille, Suquamish all passing marriage equality & nothing negative has happened. Quite the contrary instead marriage equality has generated more revenue for these states. On average U.S. couples spend $28,800 for their wedding. This does not include the cost for a honeymoon, wedding rings, bridal consultants, wedding planners or accommodations for their families & friends. So how many millions of dollars would gay couples bring to our US economy in the name of love? It would be in the billions of dollars. Let’s hope that when the presidential debates come around next month Obama can confront Romney on why he is so fearful of our LGBT people. This is an important election for our community. Gay marriage is on the ballot in 4 states including Maine, Maryland, Minnesota & Washington. In Wisconsin openly gay Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin is campaigning to become senator. If she wins Baldwin will be the first LGBT member of the US Senate. So let’s see what happens when the Democratic Party supports marriage equality within their platform & how this affects the GOP hate mongers. Updates to Come...:) OUTTAKE VOICES™ NOW ON HUFFINGTON POST...:) Hear Audio Interviews w/ LGBT Leaders @OUTTAKE VOICES™ SUPPORT OUR QUEST @ OUTTAKE™ EQUALITY STORE...:) View Our Historic Short Trailer on Gay Marriage


Anonymous said...

Sympathetic joy is when we take delight in the happiness of another instead of begrudging it. I do not believe that happiness is a limited resource, that the more someone else has, the less there is for me. I do not believe that heterosexuals have a monopoly on love and commitment. If Ellen DeGeneres is happy in her same-sex marriage, then I am happy for her too.

Charlotte Robinson said...

We agree. Thanks for your support. However we try not to use the term "same-sex". It was created by Karl Rove to incite a red flag for the religious right on the marriage equality issue. Use the term same-gender, gay marriage or marriage equality instead.(FYI, we usually don't publish Anonymous comments but we made an exception for you..:)

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