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Gay Marriage November Ballot States

By Charlotte Robinson, September 13, 2012
This is a crucial election year for gay marriage with it appearing on the November ballot in 4 states. Support for gay marriage continues to soar in Washington State with Referendum 74 advancing 56-38 percent in the latest SurveyUSA poll of Washington voters. Washington United for Marriage (WUM), the coalition working to defend the state's marriage law announced that more than 5,000 new donors helped raise $1.758 million during the month of August raising the total campaign treasury to $7.290 million. We predict that Washington will uphold marriage equality. In Minnesota there’s a dead heat with 48 percent in support of the constitutional amendment defining marriage between a man & a woman & 47 percent opposing a state constitutional amendment. The fact that the battle is so close in this state is still encouraging. In Maryland since a January 2012 Gonzales poll data with 49 percent supporting marriage equality & 47 percent opposing an update provides 54 percent in favor. This week thousands rallied for marriage equality throughout the state of Maine & are leading in the polls with 57 percent of Mainers polled supporting gay marriage just 3 years after residents defeated the marriage equality in 2009. All around it looks very promising that we could have possibly 3 more states passing marriage equality in November. However let’s not become complacent. If you are able to help our LGBT community in these battlegrounds states in anyway please do. Updates to Come…:)
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Greg Schooler said...

Hello, regarding your statement, "All around it looks very promising that we could have possibly 4 more states passing marriage equality in November", please note that Minnesota is not voting for marriage equality, but rather it is voting on whether or not to define marriage as being between a man and a woman. A pro- gay marriage win on this ballot measure will just maintain the current status quo in Minnesota, but will prevent discrimination from being enshrined in its constitution.

Charlotte Robinson said...

Thanks for the correction :)

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