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Romney Will Ruin America

By Charlotte Robinson, November 05, 2012
Just one day before the election & the polling is so tight no one can call this presidential race. In the GOP corner we have power hungry, anti gay, anti women & anti middle class Mitt Romney. In Massachusetts when he was governor we referred to him as “Mitler”. We know that he will say anything & do anything to get elected as he has proven already throughout this campaign. If he becomes President those who voted for him will have to bear the responsibility of the darkest days this country has ever seen. Even though we can say “we told you so…” Arline Isaacson Co-Chair of the Massachusetts Gay & Lesbian Political Caucus stated, “If Romney wins, the LGBT community will have a committed opponent of equality in the White House. Gains we've won over the last few years would be erased or diluted. We can't afford to let that happen. Romney would appoint conservative anti-choice & anti-gay Supreme Court justices who would roll back the clock on LGBT rights and on Roe v Wade. Romney would oppose the repeal of DOMA in Congress & defend DOMA before the Supreme Court. Programs for our youth, our seniors & AIDS/HIV would be slashed or eliminated. Moves to garner benefits for LGBT service men & women in the military would end precipitously. Federal legislation to bring LGBTs closer to full equality would be stopped dead in its tracks.” In the Dems corner we have Barack Obama who’s pro gay, pro choice, pro women & pro middle class. He’s taken this country from the mess it was in from the Bush administration & turned it around so we can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel. When you vote tomorrow, vote for Obama & move towards the light not the darkness. Updates to Come…:)
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Unknown said...

Now we have Romney in a last ditch effort to scare the Christian community telling them that if they vote for Obama, they will not be allowed to practice their religion.
This candidate will stoop to say anything about President Obama to get to the White House.
He cannot believe that once again, he will lose a Presidential election to a Black man no less.
Go my dear president Obama. Win.

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