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Boy Scouts Vote on Gay Stance

By Charlotte Robinson, February 07, 2013
UPDATE: Boy Scouts of America Delays Vote to End Anti-Gay Ban...
Today the Boy Scouts of America’s (BSA) Executive Board will vote on whether or not it will alter “the organization’s expressive message” by removing the controversial ban on gay scouts & leaders. If approved the new policy will allow local councils to make their own decisions in admitting or not admitting gay scouts. This is quite a reversal from last summer when the board publicly reaffirmed its anti gay stance. In a CBS News interview on Sunday President Obama weighed in on the controversy stating, “My attitude is that gays & lesbians should have access & opportunity the same way everybody else does in every institution & walk of life.” In 1990 James Dale was the assistant Scoutmaster of a New Jersey Boy Scout troop. He was expelled after BSA officials saw an interview he’d given in connection with his role as co-president of the Lesbian/Gay student alliance at Rutgers University. Dale filed suit against the BSA in New Jersey Superior Court & his case was heard before the U.S. Supreme Court. Dale shared his thoughts on lifting the ban on gay members stating, “I found acceptance in scouting—maybe more so than I found in traditional youth activities. So I imagine once they stop discriminating & teaching discrimination, that will return.”
Updates to Come…:)

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Frank House said...

Many in our LGBT communities are not happy with them simply giving this right to discriminate to the local chapters...as is the current rumor. This action, if official, does not say loud and clear...we will not discriminate any more. These attempts to try to satisfy both the hard right and equality activists are pathetic. Should the Scouts be commended for such a ruse? I believe not.

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