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Bradley Manning Gets 35 Years

By Charlotte Robinson, August 21, 2013

Free speech advocates are reacting angrily to the 35 year sentence that a military judge handed down on wikileaker PFC Bradley Manning in Ft. Meade, MD. Bradley Manning who is gay served his country during the DADT years. Actions around the country & internationally are planned in response to the sentencing with the Chicago event to take place at 6P at "The Bean" in Millennium Park, near Michigan Avenue & Washington Boulevard. Manning's advocates are particularly upset at what they see as the hypocrisy of the Obama administration's relentless prosecution of a person who exposed rampant government wrong-doing. It's an especially hard pill to swallow since Obama ran for office on a platform of transparency & yet has proven to be one of the most secretive and anti-civil liberties presidents in U.S. history. While Manning's revelations embarrassed the Obama & Bush administrations, the whistleblower's advocates see these diplomatic embarrassments as well deserved payback for policies that have proven time & again inimical to the values of human rights & democracy. Andy Thayer, co-founder, Gay Liberation Network stated, "There are few, if any, LGBTs alive today who have contributed as to the cause of human rights as Bradley Manning. Yet all the well-funded gay groups have failed to lift a finger in his defense, instead fawning towards nitwit LGBT & non-LGBT celebrities simply because they deign to notice us. From helping expose U.S. war crimes in Iraq, U.S. support of the anti-gay coup in Honduras, to helping spur the Arab Spring which opened up new possibilities to millions of LGBTs across that region, Bradley Manning is a gay hero whom our community should celebrate & defend."  
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