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Sochi Olympics Remain Anti Gay

By Charlotte Robinson, August 26, 2013
Over the weekend over 2,000 gay rights supporters protested in Amsterdam's largest square condemning the Russian government's anti gay policies. This comes after the International Olympic Committee has accepted Russia’s argument that their new anti gay laws are in keeping with the Olympic Charter’s protections against discrimination. As you know in June the Russian Parliament approved anti gay laws that made homosexual love, or approval of or information about homosexuality illegal. The IOC has gone even further by warning that any athlete who is seen holding hands with a member of the same gender or wearing a rainbow pin at any point during the games in Sochi would not only face potential fines, jail time & deportation under Russian law but also punishment from the International Olympic Committee. If this isn’t discriminatory then the IOC should also rule that heterosexual couples are also not allowed to hold hands or show any sort of affection towards each other during the Sochi Winter Olympics in 2014. Perhaps if straight couples were to experience the same treatment as our LGBT community they may realize that discrimination is just a larger word for hate. Since big money is invested in the Sochi Winter Olympics we know that they’re not about to be canceled or changed to another country but the International Olympic Committee needs to wake up & take a positive stand against this blatant homophobia & stand on the right side of history. Updates to Come…:)
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