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California Rules For Gay Marriage

By Charlotte Robinson, August 15, 2013
The California Supreme Court’s dismissed the Proposition 8 proponents’ last ditch effort to deny loving, committed gay & lesbian couples the freedom to marry in California on Wednesday. Jane Wishon, Marriage Equality USA Board President stated, “Today’s ruling means that two Supreme Courts, the United States Supreme Court & the California Supreme Court, agree that all loving, committed couples should have the freedom to marry in California. The decision is right as a matter of law & as a matter of love.” Jeff Tabaco of Daly City, California, who will marry his partner of 10 years Thom Watson in September stated, “We are finalizing our wedding plans & we are relieved by today’s decision. We can’t wait to exchange vows before our family & friends in just a few weeks & to have legal recognition & protection for our relationship under both California & federal law.” John Lewis, Marriage Equality USA Legal and Policy Director added, “Today’s decision finally marks the end of years of litigation by the Prop. 8 proponents to deny the freedom to marry to lesbian & gay couples in California. Today’s decision reaffirms that all loving, committed couples, regardless of their sexual orientation, have the freedom to marry in every county across the state.” For More Info: marriageequality.org 
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