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Gay Author Chris Barzak Mugged

By Charlotte Robinson, August 07, 2013
Award winning gay author Chris Barzak was mugged in New York’s Greenwich Village Sunday night. Two African American unarmed assailants tried to steal his cellphone. One of them knocked Chris to the sidewalk. The other one backed away when Chris jumped up & began bashing his assailant in the face with the cellphone. The accomplice refused to join the attacker when Chris started hitting, saying, "You picked the wrong dude". Both fled leaving Chris with a fractured shoulder according to Beth Israel Hospital Emergency. When the incident occurred the nearest other pedestrians were a couple of blocks away & the Charles Street police station also happens to be a couple of blocks away as well but Chris, a visitor from Ohio housesitting for a friend didn't know that & the crime wasn't reported. Gay Author & Village Resident Richard Bowes stated, “In a city as crowded & brightly lighted as New York it's surprising how dark & empty a stretch as familiar as Bleecker between Seventh Ave & Abingdon Square can get at night with no tourists. And to say that NYC is much safer now than thirty years ago, does not mean that it is always safe.” Chris Barzak is a prize winning gay author whose novel “One for Sorrow” was adapted in the forthcoming film JAMEY MARKS IS DEAD. He’s published many short stories beginning with "A Mad Tea Party" in Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet in 1999. His debut novel “One for Sorrow” won the 2008 Crawford Award & was a nominee for the 2008 Great Lakes Book Award as well as the Logo Channel's NewNowNext Award.
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Nathaniel Pevensey said...

I think, gentle author, that you might find that Mr. Barzak's first story was 'A Mad Tea Party', first published in a magazine named 'Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet'. ;)

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