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Baker’s Anti LGBT Running Mate

By Charlotte Robinson, November 03, 2014
The race for Governor of Massachusetts is too close to call. Democrat Martha Coakley & Republican Charlie Baker are tied at 42%. If Baker wins this election it will be a giant step backwards for LGBT equality in this state. When Baker’s running mate State Representative Karyn Polito was in office from 2001-2011 she voted consistently against our LGBT community. She led the charge for a statewide ballot question to ban gay marriage, voted against the Transgender Civil Rights bill & supported Governor Romney’s attempt to dissolve the LGBT Youth Commission. Today the Baker campaign & Polito’s position on marriage equality in Massachusetts is that gay & lesbian marriage is the accepted law of the Commonwealth but the campaign refused to make Polito available to be interviewed about her position. Remember last March at a gubernatorial MassEquality/WGBH News forum Baker & Polito were a no-show. So for our LGBT community & allies in Massachusetts the choice is clear. When you go to vote tomorrow vote Martha Coakley for Governor & openly gay Steve Kerrigan for Lt. Governor. Kara Coredini, Executive Director of MassEquality stated, "Martha Coakley has been a vocal, game-changing leader on every issue the LGBTQ community has faced over the course of her career - the freedom to marry, transgender equality, hate crimes, school safety & more. Martha Coakley is the only candidate that has the combination of forward-looking, innovative & proven leadership that we need in our next Governor in order to ensure that our Commonwealth continues to be a national leader on LGBTQ rights.” Also help make history & vote for Maura Healey as the first openly gay Attorney General.
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Arline Isaacson said...

What most people don't realize: Karen Polito voted to ban marriage equality not once, not twice, but over 2 dozen times. And most of those votes took place AFTER we already had the right to marry. So she was voting to REPEAL our right to marry and to force married LGBTs to divorce!! So much for family values!

In fact, she voted to ban our right to marry at a time when over 3/4 of the legislature already supported marriage equality. So not only did she oppose LGBT Equality, she was one of the last hold outs against us. She opposed our right to marry at a time when the overwhelming majority of her legislative colleagues had already reconsidered their positions and begun to support us. It's inexcusable that someone her age should think, act and vote like a 95 year old bigot!

Marilyn Rosen said...

This report is very important for everyone of fair mind in Massachusetts to know about. It's no wonder Charlie Baker has kept Karen Polito's beliefs on the down low but imagine the standstill in equal rights with a Baker-Polito ticket in the top offices here. And, Arline Isaacson's remarks are really eye opening, direct and to the point. THANK YOU, Arline!

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