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Finland Legalizes Gay Marriage

By Charlotte Robinson, November 29, 2014
Thousands gathered Friday to celebrate as Finland became the 12th country in Europe to legalize marriage equality. Finland was the last Nordic country to pass gay marriage though gay & lesbian couples have been able to obtain domestic partnerships since 2002. The bill was passed in parliament Friday by a vote of 105 to 92. Victory cheers erupted in central Helsinki by thousands of LGBT activists & allies had gathered outside Parliament ahead of the vote. It's an important move for Finland in taking a stand against its increasingly anti-gay neighbor Russia & join forces with the rest of Scandinavia. Before the vote Prime Minister Alexander Stubb stated, “Finland should strive to become a society where discrimination does not exist, human rights are respected & two adults can marry regardless of their sexual orientation,” Let this be a wake-up call to the US Supreme Court to stop dragging their feet & finally end this discrimination in America. As of November 29th gay & lesbian couples can legally marry in 70% of America or 35 out of 50 states. The remaining five states are in the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals' & headed to the Supreme Court. Hopefully the Justices will announce as soon as January that they'll hear one or several of these crucial cases. In the meantime thousands of gay & lesbian couples have married this year & will be receiving federal rights & protections for their families, including myself. CONGRATS FINLAND!!
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