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Maura Healey Historic LGBT Win

By Charlotte Robinson, November 05, 2014
Maura Healey was elected Attorney General in Massachusetts & when she takes office in January she’ll become the country's first openly gay state attorney general. When I talked to Maura on her campaign trail about LGBT equality she stated, “My commitment to LGBT civil rights is deeply personal & it’s deeply professional. As a gay person myself I’m acutely aware of discrimination & how that plays out when it comes to housing, employment, education & hate crimes. We still see LGBT people victimized on a daily basis & we read about that in the news & so we obviously have more work to do & certainly as Attorney General, as somebody who’s going to be in charge of enforcing the laws I’m going to fight to make sure that every LGBT person in our state feels safe, that we promote diversity & inclusiveness & that we support & make real Equality & equal treatment under the law.” KC Coredini, MassEquality Executive Director responding to Healey victory stated, “Maura's win is an historic victory for LGBTQ people & for LGBTQ equality. Maura has spent the last seven years in the attorney general's office making the Commonwealth a national leader on LGBTQ issues with her vision, drive & talent. Now, as the country's first openly gay state attorney general she is poised to make history again, not only with what more she will accomplish in this critical office, but with who she is. For LGBTQ young people everywhere, Maura is an example of how far they can go & how much they can accomplish. We look forward to continuing to work with her to ensure a level playing field for all & to raise the bar on equality & justice, both across this state & the nation." Updates to Come…:)
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Marilyn Rosen said...

Maura Healey's win is a HUGE win for everyone in this state as she carries the torch of equality for all forward.

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