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Transgender In The Military

By Charlotte Robinson, November 25, 2014
With the resignation of Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel the Military Freedom Coalition, a leading organization lobbying for the removal of the Transgender Military ban released these statements. First, Kristin Beck Transgender Navy SEAL (Retired) stated, "In May of this year Secretary Hagel said the ban on transgender service people would be reviewed. On August 5th of this year a new DOD Regulation was passed that removed the medical regulation that prohibited transgender service. In the following month I sat down with DOD officials & further reviewed the regulations & procedures to include open transgender service in the US military, the same open & equal service by transgender people seen in eighteen other nations including the UK, Canada, Australia & Norway… Defense Secretary Hagel, thank you for this & your service to our country. I look forward to my next meeting in the Pentagon with new staff to continue on this journey to freedom." National Transgender Coalition Liaison, Ashleigh Barraza added, “During Monday’s press conference Hagel committed to remain in his position as Secretary of Defense until a successor has been named. During his remaining time, it is our hope that Hagel will keep his word about reviewing the ban on Transgender Servicemembers. As the White House struggles with it’s own foreign policy, the battle for transgender rights in the military wages on. There can be no mistaking the controversy that surrounds this day. The war in Afghanistan, ISIS (ISIL) & Transgender Servicemembers - all issues that Hagel has left open ended. While we cannot expect anyone to be selected during the current Lame Duck Session (between now & end of the year), it is our sincere hope that the Senate Republicans will work with Democrats & name the successor in a timely & equitable manner."
For More Info: militaryfreedomcoalition.org
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