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Chris Christie Veto’s Trans Bill

By Charlotte Robinson, August 11, 2015
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie vetoed a bill Monday that would have eased access to accurate birth certificates for transgender people. This is Governor Christie's second veto of this legislation despite overwhelming support in the New Jersey General Assembly. In response National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) State Policy Counsel, Arli Christian, who has worked closely with local & state advocates on this bill, issued the following statement: "For the second time, Governor Chris Christie has elected to allow his state's birth certificate laws to deteriorate despite the overwhelming majority of support from the New Jersey legislature to modernize. His veto on this bill keeps in place outdated & burdensome requirements that make it incredibly difficult for transgender people to get birth certificates that match who they are. Birth Certificates play an enormous role in transgender people's ability to live their life as the person that they are. And Governor Christie has--for a second time--vetoed legislation denying that for transgender New Jerseyans." When Governor Christie's first veto of this legislation in January 2014 he cited fears of fraud, deception & abuse over the removal of the surgery requirement, demonstrating a clear lack of understanding of transgender people & standards of gender transition. Nine states & the District of Columbia have take action to allow transgender people access to accurate birth certificates.
For More Info: transequality.org
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