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Massachusetts Transgender Update

By Charlotte Robinson, August 23, 2015
When it comes to transgender rights Massachusetts has modernized the standard & process for changing gender markers on birth certificates. The proof of surgery is no longer required. Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders (GLAD) has worked extensively with advocates & policymakers in Massachusetts & throughout New England to implement this vital change. With this revision Massachusetts joins Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont & five other states plus D.C. in modernizing the process by which transgender people can receive an accurate birth certificate. Jennifer Levi, Director of GLAD’s Transgender Rights Project stated, “This is a critical advance for Massachusetts’ transgender citizens. When transgender people cannot get identity documents that accurately reflect a person’s gender identity, we are vulnerable to discrimination, harassment & violence.” GLAD will be honoring Jennifer Finney Boylan, the first best-selling transgender author in the U.S. whose writings, teachings & activism have significantly illuminated & articulated transgender experience with this year’s GLAD 2015 Spirit of Justice Award in October. Jennifer Boylan stated, “GLAD has been a leader in defending the rights of LGBT people since its inception. I am personally very grateful for their work, not only as an advocate in solidarity with the fine work GLAD does, but also because they defended me, & people like me, in the state of Maine. Their work to defeat the bill that would have stripped human rights protections from trans Mainers meant, quite literally, the difference between living a life with dignity, or its opposite, in my home state.” The 16th Annual Spirit of Justice Award Dinner takes place at the Boston Marriott Copley Place on October 16th. In this exclusive audio byte we talked to Jennifer about what she would like to see happen for LGBT equality in the next few years:
For More Info & Tix: glad.org
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Marilyn Rosen said...

Jennifer is a great spirit and spokesperson and deserves the Spirit of Justice Award.
Thanks for update.

Anonymous said...

I'm seriously about to cry right now- I've been trying to get my daughter's documents amended this summer to reflect her transition, and this is such a huge weight off of our shoulders. Because we live in Rhode Island, but she has a Massachusetts birth certificate, she would have had to wait until she turned 18 to have gender reassignment surgery, something which not everyone who wants to transition is available to do due to cost, age, physical disability, emotional readiness, etc. You don't know how much this means to families like ours who are struggling with everyday cost of living and trying to save up for surgery and college. Thank you, everyone involved in passing this major change!

Justin L. Brown said...

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