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Kenya Pro LGBT Breakfast Event

By Charlotte Robinson, August 03, 2015
Rev. Stephen Parelli & his husband Jose Ortiz of Other Sheep recently breakfasted together with pro LGBT Muslims & Christians in Mombasa, Kenya. Rev. Michael Kimindu of Mtito Andei, Kenya, brought together Muslims & Christians in Kenya for the purpose of providing education on sexual orientation in general & raising awareness of the presence LGBT people of faith within the Islamic & Christian communities of Kenya as well as addressing the need for LGBT inclusion. The attendees at the breakfast totaled 7 individuals in addition to Paelli, Ortiz & Kimindu. Three of the seven attendees were Muslim with the remaining four Christian. One of the four Christians was a lesbian, the only LGBT person of the seven at breakfast. This movement to educate on sexual orientation within the two respective faiths, is apparently a straight-ally movement. There have been 19 faith-based seminars on LGBT topics have been conducted in Kenya to date. Reports on the seminars, from which a history of the seminars & their proceedings can someday be written & published, have been maintained. Presently, not much detail can be published as these seminars will continue without pushback only if the people behind the seminars maintain low visibility. One of the resource materials used in the seminars is the Blue Book, an excellent introduction to understanding LGBT. The Blue Book was first introduced to Kenya & Rev. Kimindu in 2007 when Other Sheep’s Stephen Parelli & Jose Ortiz visited Nairobi at that time. Listen to our exclusion audio interview with Kenya Rev. John Makokha:
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