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LGBT Music Award Winners

By Charlotte Robinson, January 27, 2016
The LGBT Academy of Recording Arts (LARA) recently presented the winners of the 9th annual OUTmusic Awards. The Nominee categories spanned across 21 categories from members of the Academy around the world. Album of the Year went to Omar Thomas Large Ensemble for We Will Know, Video of the Year went to JenFoster for She (She4Me), Single of the Year went to Monifah for The Other Side, Humanitarian Songwriter of the Year went to MRF feat Lisa Bello, Justin Waithe & Sheree Dunwell for Be Strong (LGBT Youth) & Best International Song went to Toya Delazy for Forbidden Fruit. Diedra Meredith, CEO of OUTmusic Inc & Chairwoman of LGBT Academy of Recording Arts stated, “OUTmusic - The LGBT Academy of Recording Arts (LARA) is dedicated to the advancement of LGBT music culture & heritage & I am honored to continue in this mission to ensure the OUTmusic Awards will be celebrated equivalently in the media, music & entertainment industry. For 9 years, I have been committed to this mission with my tiny core team & the phenomenal music & video projects of the nominees & winners keep us inspired to do this work. As out & proud LGBT recording artists, they are bold agents of change who sing the songs of our LGBT civil rights movement, they compose & record beautiful same gender loving love songs & by doing so, they represent by standing in the light of their truth through their artistry. This music is the soundtrack to freedom!”
For Full Winner List: outmusicawards.com
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1 comment:

Marilyn Rosen said...

LARA is doing a great job of raising the profiles of LGBT musicians and music reflecting on the state of our being. No switching of pronouns to hide love between 2 women....that's music to these ears.

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