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LGBT Themed Oscar Nominations

By Charlotte Robinson, January 14, 2016
“Carol” led the pack for LGBT themed Oscar Nominations this year with “The Danish Girl” coming in second. Topping the list was Best Actress Cate Blanchett & Best Supporting Actress Rooney Mara for “Carol”. We have a major congratulations shout out for openly gay Phyllis Nagy who was also nominated for “Carol” for Best Adapted Screenplay. We interviewed Phyllis last month on OUTTAKE VOICES™ when she stated, “I’m an out lesbian, I always have been & I think by leading my life openly as possible & trying to inspire other people to do that & help other people do that, I don’t know if there could be a bigger commitment than that, to inspire people not to hide, let’s say. When one’s creating one’s work it’s important to include out interesting characters. They don’t have to be saints. It’s preferable that they’re not, but that they are presented as real people with real complexities who are neither burdened by having the weight of centuries of sexual attitudes behind them nor burdened by having to represent every single gay person on earth. Just real honest characters behaving in a world that either accepts them or does not, but how they behave in that space reflects well on them.” Other LGBT themed nominations went to Best Actor Eddie Redmayne & Best Supporting Actress Alicia Vikander for “The Danish Girl”, Best Original Score for “Carol”, Best Production Design Eve Stewart for “The Danish Girl” & our friend Ed Lachman Best Cinematography for “Carol”.
Listen To Phyllis Nagy Full Interview:

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1 comment:

Marilyn Rosen said...

I love the movie and loved your interview with Phyllis Nagy whose perspective I found quite poignant.

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