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LGBT New Year’s Resolution

By Charlotte Robinson, January 01, 2016
We still have a great deal to accomplish for LGBT equality in 2016. Not just in the US but we must extend our commitment to our global LGBT community. Recently we talked to political humorist Kate Clinton about what she would like to see happen for LGBT civil rights in 2016. Clinton stated, “What I would like to see for LGBT rights in 2016 is a continuation of what I see as a whole exciting new generation of LGBT leaders & they wouldn’t even say they’re leaders because they don’t have a hierarchical idea of what they do. They’re activists, they’re feminists & the people who are moving for example the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement & these are young black feminists, some gay some straight & they’re involved in that & fearless, absolutely fearless work in immigration. So I think there’s this incredible new generation of LGBT activists who are in so many other wonderful social movements like the movement for climate change, the movement for women’s reproduction rights & I’m very excited & I want to see a continuation of that into 2016 because they are great activists, great strategists, they’re unbelievably hopeful and joyful & not stung by the outrageous slings of the internet. They just go on and they really make a difference in everyday people’s lives. In immigration some young people are doing voter registration & telling people ‘Well I can’t vote because I’m undocumented. I know you don’t care about voting but would you vote for me if I were voting?’ I think it’s fabulous. I’m very excited about what’s happening & hoping that we can make the connection with electoral politics. Just two words, Supreme Court. I’m done…”
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