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LGBT Elders of Color Event

By Charlotte Robinson, May 20, 2016
LGBT Elders of Color are hosting Flashback Sunday Pre-Pride Party on Sunday May 22nd from 3P to 6P at The Atrium Room on the 4th Floor located at 50 Church Street in Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA. We have a lot to celebrate. Boston Pride is honoring the late Bayard Rustin as Honorary Pride Marshall this year. Rustin who was always openly gay was a civil rights activist, gay activist & organizer of the 1963 March on Washington, D.C. We interviewed his partner Walter Naegle about Rustin who stated, “Bayard was a very important leader in the civil & human rights movement who happened to be LGBT & lived during a time when these kinds of things weren’t discussed. And yet he was able to live fairly openly as a gay man. He paid the price for it but actions that were taken to try & quiet him never really succeeded. He rose above all that stuff & was able to make a significant contribution to the democratization of our society as a whole, so that is really the reason why a lot of younger LGBT folks kind of lift him up now as an inspiration & as a hero.” So let’s celebrate Bayard Rustin’s legacy & more. There will be dancing, food & drinks with the music provided by DJ Derrick at this Flashback Sunday Event. This is a festive gathering for elders of color & their friends & supporters to mingle & network. There is a suggested donation of $10 that will help support future events.
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