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Parents of Trans Kids Speak OUT

By Charlotte Robinson, May 09, 2016
With the Department of Justice stepping up to hold North Carolina accountable for their anti gay & transgender bill HB2 the Trans United Fund (TUF), a recently formed political advocacy organization has produced a moving & historic video ad utilizing the voices of parents of trans children & speaking directly to the impact of the increasingly hostile rhetoric faced by the trans community. Hayden Mora, TUF board chair stated, “Trans United Fund was founded on the conviction that nothing is more transformative than trans people & our families sharing their lives authentically. For too long, the voices of bullies who play to the public's worst fears & demonize our community have been the loudest. For too long, trans people & our families have been kept out of the spotlight for fear that the truth of our lives would be 'off message.' This ad shares the story of three incredibly loving mothers & their children. The story of a mother's love, dreams & hopes for her children & fierce commitment to protect them is something that all Americans understand.” Trans United Fund is committed to building the political power of trans & gender expansive communities & their allies to advocate for trans equality. Trans United Fund accomplishes this mission through engaging trans & gender expansive people & our allies in the political process, building the political leadership & capacity of trans people and allies & endorsing candidates with a commitment to our communities & a pro-trans platform. Trans United Fund is a non-partisan 501(c)(4) organization.
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1 comment:

Marilyn Rosen said...

Beautiful to hear the voices of parents and kids....very touching, very real.

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