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Trans Bill Vote In Massachusetts

By Charlotte Robinson, May 27, 2016
It has been confirmed that the Massachusetts House of Representatives has scheduled a vote on the Transgender Public Accommodations Bill (HB 4253) for next Wednesday June 1st. This legislation will protect transgender people in Massachusetts from discrimination in public places. After passing the Senate on May 12th a vote in the House means that after years of advocacy a final vote on transgender nondiscrimination protections in public accommodations is a mere days away. Jennifer Levi GLAD Transgender Rights Project Director stated, “I was in the room for the Senate vote & the presence of the supporters in attendance was felt deeply. It has taken all of your dedication to get us this far & will take a strong presence on Wednesday to show the House this is a piece of legislation the community deserves. I also encourage you to send a message to your Representative about this bill, even if you have before. They will want to hear from you before they cast their decisive vote. Join us in person next week to support the passage of this necessary bill at the Massachusetts State House.” Once & for all we need to pass this long overdue legislation. We talked to Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey about the importance of passing this bill in this exclusive sound byte:
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