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By Charlotte Robinson, May 25, 2016
There’s a new crowd-funding campaign going on for “After Louie” the upcoming feature-length narrative film by lifelong activist & artist, Vincent Gagliostro who has been sited by New York Magazine as one of the six most influential players in the gay community during the 80s & 90s AIDS crisis. The film stars Alan Cumming & explores the contradictions of modern gay life & history through his role as a man desperate to understand how he & his community got to where they are today. Co-written by NYC writer & actor Anthony Johnston the project is currently immersed in a crowd-funding campaign with Kickstarter through June 2nd where it offers rewards including script consultations, film premiere tickets, artwork by Alan Cumming & more. Michael Cunningham Pulitzer Prize-Winning author stated, “Vincent Gagliostro is not only enormously gifted, he’s also been a radical, fearless and compassionate voice for decades, speaking for countless people whose stories would otherwise go undared.” The cast also includes Zachary Booth, Wilson Cruz, Anthony Johnston, Justin Vivian Bond & Joey Arias. Filmmaker Vincent Gagliostro concluded, "My film 'After Louie' is a portrait of what happened to us, the generation who endured the AIDS epidemic, a generation whose shared history continues to haunt us. In confronting the end of a traumatic era & provoking a conversation between generations, I dare us to dream of a new & vibrant future, again. 'After Louie' will be a testament to the joys of the fully lived life & the inseparability of art & living."
For Support & Info: kickstarter.com
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