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Gay Newspapers Endorses Clinton

By Charlotte Robinson, October 12, 2016
In an unprecedented move all 12 of the country’s most award-winning LGBT newspapers are each separately endorsing Democratic Hillary Clinton for president of the United States. The 12 are members of the National Gay Media Association a trade association of the nation's major-market legacy LGBT newspapers. NGMA members have a combined circulation in print & online of more than one million readers per week. This is an unprecedented joint announcement from the newspapers because several do not engage in political endorsements like the 31-year-old Windy City Times which has endorsed just once in 16 years & the Dallas Voice has never endorsed any race in 32 years. Tracy Baim, NGMA spokesperson & publisher of Windy City Times stated, "This race for president is showing this country a clear choice of moving backward or moving forward on LGBTQ & other human rights. We know that the LGBTQ community is made up of diverse political voices. But the homophobia, transphobia, racism, anti-immigrant & sexist nature of Republican candidate Donald Trump means that we can't sit on the sidelines this election season. Hillary Clinton has spent her career fighting for social justice. While she came late to some LGBTQ issues, so did most mainstream politicians. In this presidential race, there is a clear choice to keep this country moving forward in the footsteps of President Barack Obama, the most pro-LGBTQ president in U.S. history. That choice is Hillary Clinton.”
For Info: nationalgaymediaassociation.com
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