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LGBT Rate Presidential Candidates

By Charlotte Robinson, October 07, 2016
Hopefully the presidential candidates will address our LGBT issues & concerns in the next debate with the election less than a month away. In the meantime Harlem United & Fenway Health have launched a campaign to educate voters on six key health equity issues: LGBT equality, HIV/AIDS, healthcare, substance use, mental health & housing. The campaign consists of social media, a website & an in-depth report on the candidates & party platforms. Sean Cahill, Ph.D., Director of Health Policy at The Fenway Institute of Fenway Health stated, “There are some striking & surprising differences among the four candidates for president on LGBT equality, HIV & health equity issues. We encourage voters to consider candidates’ positions on housing policy, health policy & other critical issues.” Jacquelyn Kilmer, Esq., CEO of Harlem United concluded, “With the election less than a month away, debate needs to move beyond emails & beauty queens to life & death issues like housing, health care, mental health, substance use & basic legal & social equality. This new report and online resource will help ensure that voters will consider these issues that matter when casting their vote.” Voters can find detailed information on the record & positions of Donald Trump & the Republican Party Platform; the record & positions of Hillary Clinton & the Democratic Party Platform; the record as well as positions of Jill Stein & the Green Party Platform & the record & positions of Gary Johnson & the Libertarian Party Platform. The report also describes the records of the GOP & Democratic Vice Presidential candidates on our issues.
For More Info: harlemunited.org
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1 comment:

Marilyn Rosen said...

Most enlightening...hope people take a moment to "fact-find"....our future depends on what we do on voting day.

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