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Merciful Father At UP Theater

By Charlotte Robinson, October 27, 2016
Up Theater Company is presenting Atar Hadari's new play “Merciful Father” that opens on Tuesday November 1st & runs through 12th in NYC. The play is based on the famous Yiddish play “God of Vengeance” which featured Broadway’s first lesbian kiss that opened at the Apollo Theatre in 1923 after which the actors & producers were arrested for immorality. “Merciful Father” is about a brothel owner who commissions the creation of a Torah scroll to win a respectable husband for his daughter but his daughter has other ideas when she falls in love with one of the prostitutes. The current adaptation is set in the 1980's. When UP’s Artistic Director, James Bosley was asked what made him want to direct this play he stated, “Scenes veer from farce to sitcom to melodrama to operatic tragedy. Thinking about it later, I realized that what I saw as flaws were actually an ingenious way of expressing a reality that unfolds for us in a complex, almost comical series of diverse experiences. Suddenly I saw the whole concept before my eyes & became very jazzed to direct it. But first I had to make sure Atar was on board with my concept, which thankfully he was.” “Merciful Father” features Mary Albert, Matt Antar, Elizabeth A. Bell, Lauren Capkanis, Bill Christ, Jonathan Ellers, Richard Grunn, Sarah Kiefer, Heather Michelle & Nikole Williams. UP Theater Company is located at The Garret at Fort Washington Collegiate, 729 W 181st Street in NYC.
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Marilyn Rosen said...

What an incredible story to uncover and present on today's stage.

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