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LGBT History Month Icons (Video)

By Charlotte Robinson, October 03, 2016
Equality Forum is celebrating their 11th annual LGBT History Month during October with the acknowledgment of 31 LGBT icons who have made important civil rights contributions for our LGBT community. Each day in October an Icon is featured with a video, bio, downloadable images & other educational resources. The DNC stated, “As LGBT History Month begins, we have so much progress to celebrate. From the Stonewall uprising to the many victories during the Obama presidency including ending Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell & the Supreme Court wins that enacted marriage equality our nation has made enormous strides…. If we hope to build on the progress of the last seven years, we must elect Hillary Clinton & Democrats up and down the ballot, across the country.” The 2016 LGBT Icons being honored this year include pioneering activist Virginia Apuzzo, singer actress Josephine Baker, Prime Minister of Luxemberg Xavier Bettel, journalist Charles Blow, activist & government official Brian Bond, transgender activist Chaz Bono, rock star David Bowie, US President James Buchanan, activist author Jeanne Córdova, presidential advisor Midge Costanza, transgender pioneer & painter Lili Elbe. Israeli gay pioneer & scientist Uzi Even, entrepreneur Malcolm Forbes, psychiatrist & Dr. H. Anonymous John Fryer, poet & activist Essex Hemphill, Indian gay pioneer & journalist Ashok Row Kavi, social activist Frances Kellor, journalist & LGBT historian Jim Kepner, gay pioneer Kay Lahusen, playwright Terrence McNally, transgender activist & author Janet Mock, basketball coach Sherri Murrell, long distance swimmer, Diana Nyad, Pioneer activist Jean O’Leary, marriage equality hero James Obergefell, actress Ellen Page, neurologist & author Oliver Sacks, US general Tammy Smith, DNC treasure Andrew Tobias, immigration activist Jose Antonio Vargas & biologist & AIDS activist Bruce Voeller. WATCH VIDEO
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Marilyn Rosen said...

I love LGBT History Month because I hear about champions through history that I've either never heard of or had no idea they were activists in their own way. Thanks Charlotte for covering this.

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