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My Hillary Clinton Pilgrimage

By Charlotte Robinson, October 25, 2016
This has been such an intense presidential election with loss of sleep & the whole world talking about it. I have been a Hillary supporter since 2008. I believe she is the most qualified candidate & when it comes to LGBT equality she is our only candidate. So when the opportunity came up to take the drive from Boston up to Manchester, New Hampshire to see her at Saint Anselm College with Senator Elizabeth Warren how could we resist. There’s nothing like seeing a candidate in the flesh & being close enough to get a real feel for them & one thing I can tell you from my experience is Hillary Clinton feels totally presidential. There were thousands of Hillary supporters who turned out for this rally where Clinton was also there to help support Maggie Hassan crucial bid for US Senate & Executive Councilor Colin Van Ostern for Governor of New Hampshire. We stood less than ten rows back from center stage standing about 2 hours on this gorgeous autumn day waiting for the rally to being. When Senator Elizabeth Warren took the stage she was brilliant as usual calling out Trump for his shameful un-presidential behavior & then Hillary wowed us. So now in two weeks we’ll all be heading to the voting booths across this country to do our patriotic duty as American citizens & cast our vote hopefully for the only candidate that is truly for total equality & that candidate is Hillary Clinton.
For More Info: hillaryclinton.com
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Marilyn Rosen said...

Being in the presence of our First Woman President was surreal and exciting. It was a thrill I'll never forget.

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