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Election 2016 Longest Weekend

By Charlotte Robinson, November 05, 2016
Not only are we heading into the darkness of daylight savings time this weekend but we’re also coming down to the wire in one of the most intense & important presidential elections this country has ever experienced. Everyone on both sides is feeling the anxiety of what the grand finale will bring in a few days. The big question facing this country is will we elect the most experienced candidate that has ever run for office who also happens to be a woman or a candidate who has the least experience & happens to be a man. That’s what we’re dealing with, the ultimate battle of the sexes. However this battle also addresses the issue, will America move forward or backwards? This country has always been a place struggling with progressive values but eventually moving forward or as in Obama’s word ‘evolving’. The challenge with this election is we have all come to a point at the end of this gut-wrenching political journey where both sides have to address the possibility that the other side may win. So now each & every citizen of the United States of America has to go to places where they would rather not go. The dreaded thought of how to survive if their candidate loses & for both sides this is just something no one wants to face. The only advice we can offer is advise from my Aunt Ruby who said, “We seem to spend our lives worrying about things that never happen & nothing is so bad it can’t get worse.”
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