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LGBT Leaders Speak OUT

By Charlotte Robinson, November 10, 2016
The aftermath of the presidential election has erupted in shock waves of disbelief through our LGBT community & beyond. We have received a multiple amount of emails from LGBT leaders across the country trying to encourage our movement that we will go forward in spite of what the Trump administration may dish out. We have selected a couple of quotes to reinforce to our USA & global audience that you are not alone in this difficult time of transition. Sarah Kate Ellis President & CEO, GLAAD stated, “We’ve made so much progress & I refuse to let us go backwards. Now, perhaps more than ever, we must stand up to defend equality & acceptance, build on the momentum we have achieved & redouble our work to move hearts and minds.” Matt Thorn Executive Director, OutServe-SLDN stated, “Our obligation to you has not been extinguished because of this election. I want to impress upon each & every one of you that OutServe-SLDN remains unequivocally & unwaveringly committed to our community, to each of you. We remain steadfast in our advocacy for your ability to openly & authentically serve in our armed forces. We will continue to make progress to ensure you are treated with respect, fairness & dignity at veteran’s hospitals. We will continue fight so that your families are safe & protected. We will continue to hold our elected officials & their appointees accountable in order to maintain & advance equality & rights of our LGBT service members, veterans & our families.”
For More Info: glaad.org
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Hear Audio Interviews w/ LGBT Leaders @OUTTAKE VOICES™


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Marilyn Rosen said...

Thank you, Charlotte, for giving us an outlet to voice our opinions and to keep informed about our allies and adversaries. OUTTAKE is an invaluable source of information and wisdom and support.

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