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By Charlotte Robinson, November 13, 2016
For our LGBT community that fears we may lose so much of the progress we have accomplished towards full LGBT equality under the next administration in this country, you are probably correct, but we must come together & fight every inch of the way. This isn’t a time to become complacent, this is a time to stand tall & fight. Cleve Jones who has been an LGBT Activist for over 30 years including working with Harvey Milk & conceiving the idea of the AIDS Memorial Quilt stated “The next person to tell me "we survived" Reagan & Bush is going to get slapped. YOU survived. Too many of my friends did not. Hundreds of thousands of innocent people did not survive the wars they waged. Trump supporters infuriate me, smug white liberals do too. Wake up, this sh*t is real. Organize. Resist. Read your f**king history.” Our LGBT community will be targeted by this administration & we must be ready for them when they do. Our LGBT organizations need to come together now & figure out their strongest assets to win this new civil war & it will begin as a civil war. In this new challenging time I call on a very important quote that helps me cope with the work that we must accomplish to achieve full equality for our LGBT community. Hunter S. Thompson stated, “When the going gets weird the weird go pro.”
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