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Surviving The Presidential Election

By Charlotte Robinson, November 12, 2016
The best way to survive an emotional loss or shock is to take things one day at a time; but in the actuality of this presidential election it’s more one second at a time. You can’t help but wonder how we got to this despicable time in the history of this country where a TV reality personality & questionable unscrupulous businessman who supports bigotry, sexism, racist, homophobia & beyond has been elected president of the United States. The most important thing to do if you believe in the principles of freedom & treating every citizen with dignity & respect is just to physically survive this horrific threat to equality. Lesson one: This is how I have been surviving the last few days. First I had made a homemade batch of soup prior to the election which fed my partner & me on Wednesday when we spent the day working from home between bursts of tears mourning Hillary’s loss. On the same day a good friend immediately sent out an email inviting us to a potluck dinner on Friday night with like minds, so we knew we had that to plan for & look forward to. Another godsend for us is that we take a Tai Chi class twice a week & on Thursday we went to class to learn how to breathe again. Thursday evening we also had plans with friends for dinner & that gave us something to look forward to as well. The last few days I have also limited my intake of TV news & social media to just surfing but not being subjected to hours of hearing that man’s name that brings on instant nausea. So first stage of survival of this horrific situation we find ourselves in is to make plans with friends you can vent with & begin to strategize where we go from here.
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