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Make America Sane Again

By Charlotte Robinson, November 08, 2016
This presidential election has been historically the most emotionally draining event. For months we have been subjected to negative television campaign ads on both sides that have had us running for the remote control. We have been robbed of our sleep. Now we head to the polls to vote if we already haven’t & tonight we’ll watch the results. Hopefully this time tomorrow we’ll know who will become the 45th president of the United States of America. I personally feel that the American people will make the right decision & Hillary Clinton will become the 45th President of the Untied States & our first woman president. This is the kind of change we need & it’s long overdue. Last night I watched President Obama & Hillary speak in Philadelphia before 20,000 people jammed shoulder to shoulder into the Independence Mall. It was extremely moving & if you missed it check out Rachael Maddow on on-demand. One thing we can definitely look forward to tomorrow is the negative campaign ads will cease to exist & life will begin to move forward once again. We can begin to plan our future once again instead of dreading what if Donald (Dirty Tricks) Trump wins. He is not going to win because as we have been saying over & over again Love Trumps Hate.
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