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LGBT Support Native Americans

By Charlotte Robinson, November 03, 2016
While this intense presidential election is coming down to the wire the National LGBTQ Task Force is joining LGBTQ advocates, celebrities & activists from across the nation in celebrating Native American Heritage Month & calling for President Obama to stop construction of the Dakota Access oil pipeline being built in sacred Native American lands. Rea Carey, National LGBTQ Task Force Executive Director stated, “We proudly join LGBTQ advocates across the country in celebrating the rich history & culture of First Americans. We’d also like to take this opportunity to express our solidarity with our Native American family, friends & community who are taking action to protect drinking water against contamination in North Dakota. For generations, Native American communities have been marginalized, stripped of their land, forced to relocate & denied fairness & justice. We urge the President to go beyond his welcomed re-routing of the Standing Rock pipeline project & to stop the project entirely & commit to preserving all sacred Native American lands”. The National LGBTQ Task Force works to secure full freedom, justice & equality LGBTQ people. For over forty years they have been at the forefront of the social justice movement by training thousands of organizers & advocating for change at the federal, state & local level.
For More Info: thetaskforce.org
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Marilyn Rosen said...

I'm grateful for the Task Force and for stepping up on this issue.

Sam said...

How are Two Spirit Natives being centered in this action?

Thank you.

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