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Atomic Veterans Speak (AUDIO)

By Charlotte Robinson, May 27, 2017
To commemorate Memorial Day I talked to filmmaker Garry DuFour about his upcoming documentary “Atomic Veterans Speak”. From 1942 until 1962 almost 200,000 U.S. soldiers were often unknowingly exposed to different levels of radiation during the testing of atomic & hydrogen weapons. DuFour stated, “I first learned about the Atomic Veterans while working as a staffer on the U.S. Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs for the late Senator Alan Cranston, Chairman from 1979-81. Numerous atomic veterans were writing in & calling about their chronic cancers which were a direct result from the secret nuclear weapons testing sites & no medical records were reported for these veterans known as guinea pigs. Our committee was the first Congressional action to recognize & secure health benefits.” DuFour handled correspondence between the government & veterans who were exposed nuclear radiation & fallout from Top Secret experiments conducted by the US Government in the early development of nuclear weapons during WWII. During this time he photocopied many of these letters that explained how these soldiers were used as guinea pigs to see the effects. This information was not released to the public until the Clinton Administration in the mid 1990’s. On May 31st at Manchester Community Library in Manchester, Vermont Garry will be talking about his film “Atomic Veterans Speak” joined by two Atomic Veterans & a scientist who helped create the first H-Bomb at 5:30P. The event is free & open to everyone.
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