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Celebration of Courage Awards

By Charlotte Robinson, May 08, 2017
With the global horrors happening to our LGBTQ people around the world including the detention & torture of gay men in Chechnya & the arrest of 53 gay men in Nigeria it is imperative to take stock of the advances we have made on LGBTIQ rights globally. The Annual Celebration sponsored by Outright Action international honors Courageous LGBTIQ human rights defenders. This fabulous LGBTIQ Gala will take place at the Delegates Dining Room of the United Nations on Monday May 15th from 6P to 9P in NYC. This year the Felipa De Souza Awardee is Caleb Orozco the man who brought down the sodomy law in Belize. Orozco stated, “Winning this award is recognition that LGBTIQ advancements in one country has ripple effects that can change the world. I managed to bring down the sodomy law in Belize, but this verdict has the potential to advance LGBTIQ rights in the Caribbean & globally. Even when faced with personal risk & when odds are not in our favor, it is important to be courageous & stand up for what is right.” Also being honored will be Logo TV with the OutSpoken Award, Blanche Wiesen Cook the acclaimed biographer on the life of Eleanor Roosevelt be honored with an OutStanding Award & Tracey Norman who is the model who lost her career when they found out she was trans & who revived her career in her sixties will be a special guest. The event will be hosted by performer & artist Mx. Justin Vivian Bond.
For Info & Tix: outrightinternational.org
Listen: Advancing LGBT Equality Nationally & Globally
Hear Audio Interviews w/ LGBT Leaders @OUTTAKE VOICES™


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