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St. Petersburg Trans Pride March

By Charlotte Robinson, May 24, 2017
Florida’s largest LGBTQ Pride event has announced an historic event happening at this year’s Pride. For the first time in the state’s history the St. Pete Pride parade will kick off by the TransPride March consisting of all members of the transgender, gender-non-conforming, queer communities, their families, friends, allies & supporters on Saturday June 24th. Eric Skains, Executive Director of St Pete Pride stated, “Somewhere along the way, in the fight for acceptance & equality, our movement allowed the rights of trans individuals to be pushed to be back of the line. Pride celebrations all over the nation accepted & often embraced, the term ‘Gay Pride’ even though it was those within the Trans community who helped begin the Pride movement. We could very well not be celebrating Pride today if it weren't for the Trans community. Pride month began with Trans people & the issues facing the Trans community & the progress made, need to be recognized at every Pride.” Gina Duncan, Director of Transgender Equality, Equality Florida concluded, “TransAction Florida is so proud to sponsor this historic march recognizing the entire spectrum of the transgender community. It is time that all identities feel safe to step forward out of the shadows and demand that the world see us as we see ourselves. We call on all Floridians to join us at this historic event.” The TransPride March is proudly sponsored by Equality Florida & its transgender inclusion initiative, TransAction Florida. The first 500 people to register will be given a TransPride T-shirt & transgender pride flag. All marchers are encouraged to bring transgender pride flags.
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