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Court Rules For Gay Married Couple

By Charlotte Robinson, August 28, 2020
A federal court in Georgia has ordered the Trump Administration to recognize the U.S. citizenship of Simone Mize-Gregg the two-year-old daughter of a married couple Derek Mize & Jonathan Gregg & to issue her a U.S. passport. Omar Gonzalez-Pagan, Senior Counsel & Health Care Strategist at Lambda Legal stated, “Today’s court decision is a resounding victory for LGBTQ families. The court has declared baby Simone, the marital child of Derek & Jonny, to be a U.S. citizen since birth & ordered the State Department to issue her a U.S. passport. We are very pleased the court found that the agency’s policy was irreconcilable with the law and our Constitution’s guarantee to equality because it treated the children of married, same-sex parents differently from the children of other married parents. This is the second federal court this summer to rule against the State Department’s policy to treat children of married, same-sex parents as children ‘born out of wedlock’ & not entitled to birthright U.S. citizenship. It is time for the federal government to stop defending this unlawful & unconstitutional policy. No family should have to face the fear & uncertainty of having their child’s citizenship status be held in limbo.” The 2019 lawsuit filed by Lambda Legal & Immigration Equality sought to challenge the U.S. State Department’s policy that treats the children of gay & lesbian married couples born abroad as “born out of wedlock,” denying that they are citizens since birth in clear violation of the federal Immigration & Nationality Act.
For More Info: lambdalegal.org
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