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Out Motorsports For LGBTQ Car Fans

By Charlotte Robinson, August 25, 2020
Out Motorsports is for LGBTQ car enthusiasts, motorsports competitors & their allies providing a space for those enthusiasts to share their automotive adventures & connect with others. Founded in 2017 as a place for two LGBTQ friends to chronicle their adventures Out Motorsports now features a larger team of routine contributors while offering space for followers to share their "one-off" stories & connect with others online & in-person. Jake Thiewes, Out Motorsports' co-founder stated, "There are so many LGBTQ+ people involved in every aspect of the automotive world, whether in a professional capacity or as an enthusiast with an unrelated day job & while rumors often bubble up about identity, it is rare to see anyone be very open while they are plugged in to the community. We choose to lead with our identity & send a clear message to others who feel they must make a choice at the intersection of automotive enthusiasm & who they are. You can show up as your true self, like some of us already are & here's all the neat things we're doing." Out Motorsports shares stories across many facets of automotive enthusiasm from autocross & wheel-to-wheel racing to off-roading & back roads driving. The group works with automotive manufacturers to provide new car reviews & with owners to provide "throwback" reviews of cars released long ago. Out Motorsports empowers LGBTQ & allied automotive & motorsports enthusiasts to show up as their full, authentic selves in every automotive endeavor they pursue & share their stories across all walks of the automotive spectrum.
For More Info: outmotorsports.com 
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