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Provincetown Broadway Virtual Concert

By Charlotte Robinson, August 20, 2020
Great Music on Sundays @5 is Provincetown’s longest-running concert series with more than 340 concerts presented by more than 100 performers since 1999 providing music without borders for thousands of concertgoers & lovers of great music. This year due to COVID-19 this Broadway extravaganza will be presented live virtually on YouTube Sunday August 23rd at 5P. Performers will include Jo Brisbane, Brian Calhoon, Arian Carlos, Marcy Feller, Patricia Fitzpatrick, Paul Goddu, Trish LaRose, Ken Lonergan, Kurt Reynolds, Carolyn Rogers, Fermín Rojas, Christopher Sidoli, Jeff Tagen & Miss Judy Brubaker. John Thomas, Producer Musical Director & Pianist stated, “We believe that safely presenting music for the emotional & spiritual health & benefit of our communities is an essential service. There is something for everyone at Great Music on Sundays @5. Tell your friends. Spread the good word. Watch this special event & please donate something. We are producing this entire concert season on faith that donations will pay the bills. Each concert requires dozens of hours of time from musicians & filmmakers to make it happen. If each person watching an online concert donates even a small amount we will be able to return in 2021, live or online or in whatever format these strange & interesting times will permit. So tune in to our online concert on YouTube this Sunday August 23 for an epic event: “Broadway for One!” More than a dozen singers with “personality plus” will present a special edition of our signature event: a Broadway extravaganza featuring songs from musicals of all kinds through the years.”
For More Info: ptownmusic.com
LISTEN: Jason Stuart & Mitch Hara Talk New Comedy Series

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Marcy Feller said...

For the last several years, I’ve participated in this performance program, live in Ptown. This year, we are presenting our concerts online, with a new one available each Sunday at 5pm. This Sunday, August 23, our Broadway program will become available on YouTube, including a song by Yours Truly!

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