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U.S. Military Bans LGBTQ Pride Flag

By Charlotte Robinson, August 03, 2020
When the Department of Defense released their new official flag policy list in order to remove the Confederate Battle Flag from displaying on military bases our LGBTQ Pride flag & sovereign Native Nations flags were eliminated. The new authorized list includes the U.S. flag, the flags of states & territories, the POW-MIA flag, those of allied countries, unit flags, senior leader flags & flags flown for protocol purposes. This policy does not explicitly ban the Confederate Battle Flag & by omission bans sovereign Native Nations & LGBTQ Pride Flags on installations. More than two dozen House Democrats are demanding the reinstatement of LGBTQ Pride & Sovereign Native Nations flags on military installations stating, “The implicit banning of these symbols of diversity & inclusion runs counter to our ideals as a nation & a military. The Department must have the strength & courage to be able to simultaneously stand against a symbol of hate & oppression in the Confederate Battle Flag while allowing the display of support for civil rights, equity & justice. The resolute ideal that “all men are created equal” is embodied by the victory of the United States Armed Forces in the American Civil War & the defeat of an armed insurrection that sought to maintain the slavery & oppression of African Americans. We ask that you immediately revise the new policy on flag display, explicitly ban the Confederate Battle Flag & ensure that service members can express support for diversity & inclusion through the display of sovereign Native Nations & LGBTQ Pride flags.”
For More Info: modernmilitary.org
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