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HUD Revives LGBTQ Commitment

By Charlotte Robinson, February 13, 2021

While Trump’s second impeachment trial has been going on, the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) announced that it will administer & enforce the Fair Housing Act to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation & gender identity. The HUD directive begins implementation of the policy set forth in Biden’s Executive Order 13988 on Preventing & Combating Discrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation. Rep David N. Cicilline Equality Caucus Chair stated, “No person should ever lose their home because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. It is un-American. I am pleased that HUD is taking action today to crack down on discrimination against LGBTQ+ people. This is a big step in the right direction, & I thank President Biden for his leadership on this important issue. LGBTQ+ people should be able to live their lives free from the fear of discrimination, regardless of which party controls the White House. That’s why, in the weeks ahead, it is critical that Congress pass the Equality Act to establish permanent federal protections against discrimination in housing, education, employment & other key areas of day-to-day life. I look forward to working with the President & my colleagues to get the job done.” Erin Uritus, CEO, Out & Equal Workplace Advocates concluded, “Unfortunately, housing discrimination is the lived reality for many LGBTQ people in our country & this is especially true for the transgender community. Thankfully, President Biden is bringing the full force of the federal government to bear so that no LGBTQ American will be denied a roof over their head just because of who they are or who they love.”

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