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Social Media Safety For LGBTQ People

By Charlotte Robinson, February 27, 2021

GLAAD has announced plans for its newest initiative the GLAAD Social Media Safety Index. The report will rate social media platforms on how safe they are for LGBTQ users & provide recommendations for policy & product updates. The inaugural Index will launch in Spring 2021 & is supported by Craig Newmark Philanthropies & the Gill Foundation. The inaugural Social Media Safety Index an upcoming report will rate social media platforms on LGBTQ safety & kick-off broader advocacy efforts to hold social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & YouTube accountable on LGBTQ content, advertising & policy. Tech leaders including Kara Swisher, Maria Ressa, & Liz Fong-Jones are advising on the Index. Sarah Kate Ellis GLAAD President & CEO stated, “Social media is a lifeline for LGBTQ people, but too often we face real harm that goes unchecked by the platforms. LGBTQ policies & product updates have long been low on priority lists, even as the tech industry is finally waking up to the issues that marginalized communities face on their platforms. Drawing on GLAAD’s proven track record of leveraging similar reports & programs to advance LGBTQ inclusion in Hollywood, our Social Media Safety Index will hold social media platforms accountable & provide a roadmap for creating safer & more inclusive online spaces.” The Social Media Safety Index will present a distillation of thought leadership in the field gleaned from conversations with leading tech experts. GLAAD has a long history of advocating for LGBTQ safety & inclusion across social media having consulted directly with social media platforms on some of the most significant policy & product updates. Plans for a launch panel event will be announced in coming weeks. For More Info... 


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