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Born Perfect & Enfranchisement Video

By Charlotte Robinson, October 05, 2021

Born Perfect & Enfranchisement have released a new video entitled “Bobby’s Big Problem” with an all-star cast including Patton Oswalt, D’Arcy Carden, Jasika Nicole & RB Butcher to combat Anti-LGBTQ Conversion Therapy. Using puppets the film satirizes a conversion therapy session to highlight its absurdity & provide a glimpse into this dangerous practice. Mathew Shurka, Born Perfect co-founder stated, “We are proud of the work we’ve accomplished so far with 20 states passing conversion therapy bans for minors. Increasingly, conversion therapists are marketing this abusive practice online. This video is about exposing those efforts & telling the truth about conversion therapy. We made this video as a public education tool to help raise public awareness about the absurdity of conversion therapy & to help LGBTQ young people & their families recognize this fraudulent so-called ‘therapy’ when they see it.” The film is written & directed by Carly Usdin who concluded, “I’m so grateful Born Perfect trusted me with this project & with helping to expose the truth of what happens behind closed doors when LGBTQ youth are subjected to this atrocious practice.” The film was produced by Rudy Jansen. Every leading medical & mental health organization in the country has warned that conversion therapy for minors is dangerous & ineffective. Research shows that 63% of LGBTQ youth who are sent to conversion therapy have attempted suicide. Born Perfect is a survivor-led campaign created by the National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR) in 2014 to end conversion therapy by passing laws across the country that protect LGBTQ children & young people fighting in courtrooms to ensure their safety & raising awareness about the serious harms caused by these dangerous practices. WATCH VIDEO  

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