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Bully Texas Bans Transgender Children

By Charlotte Robinson, October 19, 2021

In the midst of a pandemic Texas legislators have focused their attention on banning transgender children, kindergarten through 12th grade from participating in school sports on teams that align with their gender. The bill now heads to Governor Greg Abbott who previously said he planned to sign it making Texas the 10th U.S. state to restrict access to school sports for transgender youth along with Alabama, Arizona, Idaho, Florida, Mississippi, Montana, Tennessee, South Dakota & West Virginia. Ricardo Martinez, Texas Equality CEO stated, “HB 25 singles out transgender kids & permanently prohibits them from the foundational opportunities that sports provide children, like camaraderie with friends & learning lessons about teamwork, sportsmanship & healthy exercise. It is yet another attack in a long year that has already been the most harmful legislative year on record for LGBTQ+ Texans, with over 50 bills targeting their health, safety & humanity. Throughout four traumatizing legislative sessions, we’ve seen increased requests for help from families facing anti-LGBTQ+ threats as a result of this hostile climate. The ‘debate’ over this anti-transgender bill is already exacerbating intolerance, fueling discrimination & solidifying Texas’ reputation as the leading state for violence against trans people.” Emmett Schelling, Executive Director Transgender Education Network of Texas stated, “Our hearts are broken seeing HB 25 pass in the state of Texas. Instead of focusing on legislation that would genuinely be of help to the people of Texas we saw our state leaders bully, belittle & treat our most vulnerable Texans with cruelty & indifference. We will continue to fight for & stand with trans children & their families. We know that we stand on the right side of history in affirming, supporting & loving our kids & no law passed by out of touch lawmakers can take that away.” For More Info… 

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