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Coming Out On Indigenous Peoples' Day

By Charlotte Robinson, October 11, 2021

Since 1988 National Coming Out Day is acknowledged on October 11th which is the day that if you haven’t come out yet about your LGBTQ sexual orientation to your family, friends & colleagues it’s time to live as your authentic self & be counted. As Harvey Milk stated, “Burst down those closet doors once & for all, stand up & start to fight.” So here we are in 2021 still living in America without federal protection for our LGBTQ community on National Coming Out On Indigenous Peoples' Day. Let’s band together with our straight allies & once & for all make it safe for all people to be able to come out & live their authentic lives. It would be so refreshing for the next generation to be able to be themselves & not have to go through school denying their sexuality as I had to decades ago. Just think what it would be like to have an open the dialogue within our school systems & our community so that young people do not have to grow up holding a secret that makes them feel bad, guilty, ashamed & different. We need workplace national protections so that we can’t be fired because of who we love. Congress needs to pass The Equality Act so our children can grow-up in a world where it’s safe to be themselves instead of dealing with the fact that more than half of LGBTQ K-12 students reported feeling unsafe at school as a result of their sexual orientation & more than one-third reported feeling unsafe because of how they express their gender. We also need everyone to take a stand against LGBTQ bullying & make sure you wear purple on Spirit Day Thursday October 21st. 

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